At Wellingborough School we firmly believe that the talents of our pupils should be nurtured, recognised and celebrated. Our School is a purposeful environment where pupils embrace all of the opportunities before them, but are also able to specialise in areas where they are particularly adept.

We have a broad Scholarship programme which supports this ethos through the recognition of exceptional ability in the fields of Academic, Music, Art, Drama and Sport. The highly prized title of ‘Scholar’ denotes pupils who contribute to the whole of School life, but will take advantage of our many extension opportunities to develop their ability in a specialist area.

As a diverse and welcoming community, we believe that the fees should not present a barrier to able children gaining entry to our School. As such, our Scholarships come with a financial reward, and means-tested Bursaries are available to further support pupil entry.

Whatever the field, our Scholars are united by a love of learning and a heartfelt passion for their subject. Our dedicated teachers nurture this enthusiasm and inspire pupils to reach greater heights. By the time they reach the end of their time at the School, our young people will be enriched with the confidence, qualifications and knowledge needed to succeed in whatever path they choose.

Please note Scholarship applications for 2019-2020 are now closed. 

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