Wellingborough School

8th October 2014

We started our day at the Victoria and Albert Museum, visiting an exhibition of the photographer Horst.P.Horst. He was an excellent Vogue photographer and some of his photos were truly inspiring. We then had 1 ½ hours to look around the rest of the gallery, seeing many inspiring costumes, sculptures and photography. We also ate lunch in the beautiful café designed by William Morris.

We then got the Tube to the Tate Britain to look at this year’s Turner Prize entrants and have a look around the main gallery. I found all four entrants work completely different, crazy and unique.

Next we went to The Tower of London to see the instillation of poppies on display to commemorate 100 years since the start of The Great War. This was an absolutely amazing sight and it was wonderful to visit them.

We then made our way to ‘The Floating Sculpture’ in Covent Garden, an instillation by Alex Chinneck This was a 3D illusion of Covent Garden sliced through and hanging in mid-air. It was really interesting to look at and touch.

Finally we walked to the National Portrait Gallery and Trafalgar Square. Some of the paintings were fantastic. I especially loved ‘Biochemist, Paul Nurse’ because at first glance you think it is a photograph and then you realize it is in fact a painting with an exquisite level of detail.

After seeing so much to inspire my strange perspectives project, I was ready for dinner in Leicester Square!

Maddie Freman-Hall
Upper Sixth 


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