Ardeche Trip

Prep Trips

In time-honoured tradition, an intrepid group of Year 7 pupils set off this Summer on the Prep School Ardeche trip.

Working with PGL, Ms Machin, Miss Thomas, Mr & Mrs Hill and Mr & Mrs McKenna boldly shepherded 52 pupils across France before arriving in the remote, rural area of St Gély for a week of daring activities to support team skills and the Habits of Mind of Persistence and Taking Responsible Risks. High points for the pupils this year were the incredible crêpes at the market in Vallon-Pont d'Arc and the awe-inspiring sights of the Cave system at Orgnac, but these all pale into insignificance compared to "the descent": 48 hours of paddling down the Ardeche river gorge, and sleeping under the stars. Although a campsite raid by a group of wild goats prevented that from being the total peace and perfection the teachers had hoped for...

The Year 7 pupils showed exemplary behaviour and a positive attitude towards the activities at all times; the teachers are proud to say we have never before received so many compliments on our pupils in such a short space of time!

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