Match Reports 07/10/17: Rugby


These are match reports from last Saturday's rugby fixtures against King's Ely.


On Saturday, the U15As played King's Ely winning 26-45. The try scorers were: Archie Arrowsmith , Louis Russell, Adam Davies, Alex Halltuit, Nathan Metcalf and Emeka Atuanya, added with some good kicking from Adam Davies only missing two, we were lacking in defence in the first half but after recognising their weakness we pushed through their defenders.


The U15Bs played kings Ely away. They got off to a good start by getting two early tries but then lost their concentration a bit which allowed Ely to pull ahead. They also managed to hold off Ely when they were two men down. They finished the game strong to win 14-29. There was great performances from Harry Hammet  and Nyasha Govera.


The U14A squad played King's Ely, starting off well and progressing throughout the match some great tackles from Will Fountain and the team working well together keeping them in their own half. It was not long before we started to put the points on the board with some great runs from James Garner the final score ended up being 66-0, a great win.


The U14Bs has a brilliant game against King's Ely winning 24-0. It was a good team effort with Siddharth putting in some greats tackles. And Oscar Irving scoring a brilliant try along with Tom Duffin. We hope for more games like it. 

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