Year 2 Seaside Day


The Pre-Prep Hall was transformed into a Victoria seaside town on Monday 16th October,  as Year 2 pupils spent a day exploring historical holidays with ‘History Off The Page’.

Children came to the day in the very own seaside clothing, despite the October weather, with sunglasses, hats and flip-flops all being worn. However, they very quickly saw how different their own beach wear varied from that of the Victorians as they were shown some historical bathing suits and sailors’ uniforms. As the day continued, pupils learnt more about how their seaside experiences varied from those in Victorian times, such as the different activities families enjoyed doing and how people got to the beach. They also learnt that train tickets used to only cost one penny – much less than today!

As well as learning about Victorian seaside holidays, pupils also got the chance to experience it. They took part in a number of traditional seaside activities, such as decorating trinket boxes with shells, making cork ships, creating souvenir mugs and learning how to be servers in a seaside café. Pupils were also shown some very old cameras similar to those used in the Victorian era, and had a chance to pose for their own old-fashioned holiday pictures.

The day finished with a special seaside lunch for pupils to complete the Victorian experience. It was a highly informative and fun day for pupils.

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