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Wellingborough School is offering child welfare advice to parents in a series of wellbeing sessions.

The sessions, organised by Wellingborough School’s Wellbeing Department, aims to advise parents on how to tackle a variety of issues that may affect their child. Topics covered in the talks include cyber safety, anger management, school success and solution focused therapy. 

The sessions are open to parents around the local community, with the content discussed relevant to parents of children of all ages.

The first session, entitled "Support your child to develop their Anger Management skills", taking place on 7th November, will look into why we get angry and enable parents to support their children to channel their anger in the right way.

Other sessions include “Helping your children succeed in the school”, taking place on 21st November, which will focus on the role parents can have in aiding their children’s learning at home, and “Encourage your child to remain solution focused”, held on 4th December, which will discuss how parents can ensure their child remains goal-orientated and positive. There will also be a session on “Internet safety and cyber bullying”, taking place on 6th February, which will look into online safety issues and how parents can keep their child safe in the cyber world.

The sessions aim to equip parents with the right tools to support their child through their learning and answer commonly asked questions.

Gemma Saunders, Wellbeing Manager at Wellingborough School, spoke of the importance of the sessions, stating: “As a parent, we always want what is best for our child. These session aims to help parents from inside and outside of Wellingborough School learn the best ways to support their child, whether that be in boosting their academic success or helping them to stay safe online, and to help their personal development. I hope every parent who attends is able to learn something new  and have their questions answered”.

Each session will take place from 4.30pm to 5.30pm at Wellingborough School. For further information or to register your interest, contact the Wellbeing team on 07854 489999 or email

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