The Wind in the Willows

Drama Events

Alan Bennett's witty script much to the fore in Wellingborough's 2017 adaptation of Wind in the Willows.

Over forty members of a richly made up and costumed cast paraded across the Castle Theatre's stage this week in impressively confident and convincing fashion as the anthropomorphised animals in Kenneth Grahame's much-loved story of Wind in the Willows. With all senior school years well represented in both cameo and support roles, there was much energy evident in the representatives of the Wild Wood, especially Chief Weasel and Weasel Norman. The dead pan delivery of Albert, the horse, generated many laughs, while the mounting authority of Badger during the second half of this increasingly spell-binding production caused one or two members of the audience to jump in their seats.

The interplay between the myopic Mole, the charmingly pedantic Ratty and the effervescent, dysfunctional Toad was polished and successively kept the plot moving at an appropriate pace. The attention to detail in the costuming, make-up and set, and not least with some extravagant props – Stephenson's Rocket no less! - more than matched the very high standards of production seen in recent years.

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