Young Enterprise at Wellingborough Swansgate

Senior Events

Roles established, companies registered, products researched and produced, packaged, marketed, trade stands designed, social media and adverts complete and all the companies made it to the Wellingborough Trade Fair.

It has been a hard, challenging and at times daunting ten weeks but on Saturday 25th November all three companies excelled themselves beyond expectation, applying their new knowledge, skills and attitude to deliver an exceptional enterprising performance.

Supernova Year 10 Buddee  ‘reel in your music’

Congratulations to Supernova selling over thirty of their product. An excellent design and high quality product they have designed and manufactured over five different styles of products ranging from PacMan to guitars and hearts. Supernova won the award for Best Product.

Unified Lower Sixth Fun Felt Educational Games

Winning the Best Sales and Marketing award, Unified sold well to all different members of the public and demonstrated that there is a demand for a product similar to what we remember as fuzzy felt. This will improve the fine motor skills of younger children and is good for travelling and is not a flashing, battery required electrical toy that a lot of games on the market are now a days. Letters and numbers are enclosed with ideas on a worksheet to assist children with their playing.

Au Naturel Year 10 Periodic Table Products

Au Naturel sold out of all of their beautiful created wooden products and have lots more on back order. They won the award for Best Trade stand.

Thank you to all the parents and supporters of the pupils partaking in Young Enterprise. Both teams have thrived in this customer focused environment interacting decisively with polite purpose and they have excelled themselves at Saturday’s sales event.

Thank you once again to parents, sponsors and business advisors, Paul Blunt, Clare Burke, Paul Adams (Towergate Insurance) and Alex Goldsmith (Medigold Health).

Unified, Au Naturel and Super Nova have their next trade fair at Northampton Grosvenor Centre on Sunday 3rd December where they will continue their learning and face more challenges. They are also selling at the Pre Prep Christmas Fair on Saturday 2nd December.

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