Chills and Thrills

Prep Events

Parents and Pupils were entertained by Rupert Mason who kept Year 7 on the edge of their seats (and one teacher jumping out of it!). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Gothic tales which he enacted so splendidly.

The sounds of eerie winds and creaking added to the tension and suspense conjured by darkness, candlelight, a skull, red drapes, firelight and shadows. He deftly brought several characters to life with skilled acting and excellent timing: the strange tilt of a head, a withered arm, nervous blinking and abundant accents.

We were involved in stories about the nature of “fear” and the supernatural from Dickens and H.G. Wells. He mesmerised his audience, jolted them and gave pupils the opportunity to appreciate that most ancient of communication skills – the art of the storyteller. What a super way to augment the pupils’ study of short stories and Gothic literature.                                              

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