Tremendous Tragedy Inspires

Prep Events

Years 5 and 6 were treated to a stormy night on a wild heath in Scotland, with a hero whose noble character was being poisoned by the power of three witches’ prophecies (drums, rattles and stop-motion portents abounding) – and that was just the beginning. 

The pupils’ imaginations conveyed them where the Young Shakespeare Company skillfully took them, participating enthusiastically in “the willing suspension of disbelief”. From castles to possible ghastly ingredients for the cauldron, a ghost or a walking wood, they cheered and booed, feasted and fought, screamed and laughed, enacted princes and thanes, murderers and messengers, bears and wolves. Not only that, they also understood the plot! Despite rolling the play into so short a time, through the cast’s practised questioning, the pupils were guided into grasping the Macbeths’ ambitions, sin and the guilt which haunted them.

What a super way to bring Shakespeare to life and whet their appetites for more in the future; one pupil proclaimed, “I’m buzzing with ideas for our Shakespeare play next term!”                                

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