Year 5 Fun- Filled Tuck Boxes


We have been reading ‘Boy’ and 5EnFD had enormous fun during an English lesson in which they had to emote with Roald Dahl as a boy, packing to go to boarding school for the first time. 

The learning objective was for them to think about how possessions are used by authors to draw character sketches.

They filled their imaginary tuck boxes with belongings which would also reveal their characters. In amidst the photos of family and pets were the inevitable mobile phones, PlayStations, Kindles , cuddly toys and confectionary but also some more revealing items: a potato (to make a replacement friend if you became lonely); a home-made, solar-charged battery charger; Liverpool football kit; DVDs (such as Beauty and the Beast and Paddington 2); slime; a jar of Nuttela and one of apricot jam; Percy Jackson novels; a joke book (useful when trying to make friends); a Rubik’s Cube; a compass (to help you reach home?);  Whoopee Cushions; a clean toilet (a tad small to be practical?); a diabolical “prank bot” and…a snake! 

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