Prep Newsletter - 8th December 2017

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The excitement is mounting within the School as we gradually move towards Christmas and a well-earned break. 

8CW performed “A Christmas Carol” for us this morning during assembly and the moral of this superb Charles Dickens tale, that Christmas is a time for sharing, warmth and kindness, resonated well with all of us in the Prep School and was a perfect conclusion to a term where our main focus has been on kindness. Thank you 8CW!

On Saturday, I was extremely moved by the joint Prep and Senior School Christmas Concert. Watching the younger musicians sitting shoulder to shoulder with the older pupils creating beautiful music was such a wonderful sight. Congratulations to Mr Leutfeld, Mr Runnels and all of the musicians including Mrs Owen, Mr Barnhurst and Mrs Reade.

The Wellingburian magazine will be reaching you soon in which a year in the life of the School is fully captured. As I leaf through the pages, I am captivated by the breadth and depth of the school activity and the opportunities afforded to and embraced by the pupils.

There are a number of events planned next week to raise money for the School’s charity Harry’s Rainbow. Thank you to Mrs Ferguson and the Charity committee for organising events throughout the year to raise money for this very worthy charity.

Tuesday 12th December (4.15pm-6pm)
All pupils are invited to watch ‘Elf’ in the Prep School Hall. There will be a charge of £2, on the door, for popcorn and a drink.

Wednesday 13th December
We are looking forward to seeing the wonderful array of Christmas jumpers on Wednesday. Pupils are asked to donate £1 to wear a jumper or £1.50 to wear a jumper and a bobble hat. Aside from a Christmas jumper in place of a blazer, pupils should wear normal School uniform and normal rules regarding hair and jewellery will apply.

Don’t forget to buy a Christmas Disco ticket and please do join the WPSA at the cocktail event in the Pod next Wednesday. A great chance to have a mince pie and cocktail while the children are dancing the evening away. Tickets for both events are available from Main Reception.
Mrs Knox, Headmistress

Academic Update

This week’s curriculum has included a wide variety of activities for our pupils. Read more news below about the Year 4 activities, Year 5 English, a visit from Year 11 to the languages department and the Years 7 and 8 performances from Rupert Mason of Redheart Theatre. 
Mrs Owen, Deputy Head Academic

Year 4 Genius Hour Projects

Here are some more examples of the Year 4 genius hour projects. Well done to all.

Year 4 Cross-Curricular Learning

Year 4 have been getting festive with some cross-curricular learning about the true meaning of Christmas in Drama and RS and Christmas around the world in Geography and English. The highlight of the week has been putting together a short production in drama including costumes and songs to think about the Christmas story. 
Mrs McDougall, Year 4 Teacher

Year 4 Science 

Explaining the function of the digestive system and knowing about the different parts reached stomach churning heights this week with a practical experiment which recreated the digestion process in the classroom. 

This enabled the Year 4’s to visualise the process of digestion in an engaging, practical way whilst reinforcing key vocabulary. Saliva, stomach acid, enzymes and bile were added to the food as it 'travelled' along its journey. The nutrients were absorbed into the blood stream from the intestine before the remains were squeezed into the poop bucket.

A memorable experience!
Mrs Simmons, Year 4 Coordinator

5EnFD Fun- Filled Tuck Boxes

We have been reading ‘Boy’ and 5EnFD had enormous fun during an English lesson in which they had to emote with Roald Dahl as a boy, packing to go to boarding school for the first time. The learning objective was for them to think about how possessions are used by authors to draw character sketches. They filled their imaginary tuck boxes with belongings which would also reveal their characters. In amidst the photos of family and pets were the inevitable mobile phones, PlayStations, Kindles, cuddly toys and confectionary but also some more revealing items: a potato (to make a replacement friend if you became lonely); a home-made, solar-charged battery charger; Liverpool football kit; DVDs (such as Beauty and the Beast and Paddington 2); slime; a jar of Nuttela and one of apricot jam; Percy Jackson novels; a joke book (useful when trying to make friends); a Rubik’s Cube; a compass (to help you reach home?);  Whoopee Cushions; a clean toilet (a tad small to be practical?); a diabolical “prank bot” and…a snake!
Mrs Drye, Head of English

"Une Famille d'Ecoles"

Prep School pupils enjoyed a visit from the Senior School Language Leaders this week. The project is run by Sixth Formers and develops leadership skills amongst Year 11 pupils by giving them teaching opportunities. It has been running successfully in the languages department for three years. Fun workshops for a selection of junior pupils on a Christmas theme in both French and Spanish created lots of learning opportunities... but who were the "pupils" and who were the "teachers"?! More Year 4 and Year 6 pupils will get the chance to meet the Language Leader team as the year goes on.
Ms Machin, Head of MFL

Chills and Thrills

Parents and Pupils were entertained by Rupert Mason who kept Year 7 on the edge of their seats (and one teacher jumping out of it!). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Gothic tales which he enacted so splendidly. The sounds of eerie winds and creaking added to the tension and suspense conjured by darkness, candlelight, a skull, red drapes, firelight and shadows. He deftly brought several characters to life with skilled acting and excellent timing: the strange tilt of a head, a withered arm, nervous blinking and abundant accents. We were involved in stories about the nature of “fear” and the supernatural from Dickens and H.G. Wells. He mesmerised his audience, jolted them and gave pupils the opportunity to appreciate that most ancient of communication skills – the art of the storyteller. What a super way to augment the pupils’ study of short stories and Gothic literature.
Mrs Drye, Head of English

Masterfully Moving Monologue

Rupert Mason, of Redheart Theatre, gave a magnificently moving performance of ‘Mr Owen’s Pocketbook’ (a dramatic monologue written and directed by the award winning Justin Butcher). He took Year 8 on a journey from Shropshire to Flanders, from Merseyside to Edinburgh’s Craiglockhart Mental Hospital, from the horrors of the trenches to the dismay of parents receiving the news of sons’ deaths.

Cleverly intertwining the lives of numerous poets as diverse as Tennyson and Sassoon, he began with the discovery of Wilfred Owen’s pocketbook amongst the dead hero’s personal effects, through which he drew a vivid picture of that poet’s life and work, his mentors and muses but also of all soldiers in WW1. Through the powerful conviction of Mr Mason’s performance, we empathised with those suffering cruelly from exposure, saw the panic of mustard gas attacks and charged down the “valley of death” with the 600 and considered the question of “glory” found in war. Through the eyes of an officer writing to Owen’s mother, the differing views of the ‘reality’ of war were made starkly clear.There were tales of wild heroism juxtaposed with bleak dismay, yet, ultimately, of the deep love Owen felt for his comrades and of the voice he had found as a “poets’ poet”, which speaks to following generations. It was a superb conclusion to the pupils’ studies of the Literature of War; this will aid them in their understanding of trench warfare when joining the Year 9 trip to the battlefields of northern France and Belgium.
Mrs Drye, Head of English

Carol Singers

Ten of our Prep School singers who are trained by Miss Hooper-Roe put together a medley of songs from musicals, some cheery Christmas favourites and traditional carols and spent the day travelling around Wellingborough charming our local community. They called on Rowan Gate School, Glamis Hall Day Centre and finally, Lindon Manor Care Home. The audiences were delighted to hear the choir sing, they joined in with the help of carolling sheets and consistently mentioned how enthralled they were with the quality of singing and entertaining value of their repertoire. We even met an OW at Glamis Hall who recounted stories of the old boarding days to us. Our choir represented the School with maturity, they mixed and chatted freely with residents and passed on a very positive, joyful Christmas message to all we met. This was a truly valuable experience for all involved.

Ukraine Charity Appeal

Donations are piling up in the Chapel, all set to be collected for their journey to the Ukraine. In this, season of goodwill, it is lovely to see the School community thinking of those less fortunate. I know the gifts you have provided will be greatly appreciated.

Charity Activity Break

This morning, Panthers, Tigers and Wolves put on a charity activity break. Hoop throwing, treasure hunts and target shooting were just some of the fun activities on offer. Congratulations to all the pupils who helped to organise and run activities.

Extra-Curricular Sign-up

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to Extra-Curricular Activities by replying to the Clarion email sent out last week. A polite reminder that the deadline is today so that the lists can be finalised and we can start the extra-curricular programme on the first day back next term.

WPSA Disco

Next Wednesday sees one of the most eagerly anticipated social events of the year take place in the form of the WPSA disco. Timings are as follows:

Years 4, 5 and 6: 16:30 – 18:30
Years 7 and 8: 18:30 – 20:30

Pupils not going home between the end of Club Rugby/Club Hockey and the start of the disco may want to bring a towel and toiletries with them to freshen up before they hit the dance floor.

Parents in Changing Rooms

A polite reminder that parents should not be going into the pupils' changing rooms at School. If pupils are struggling to find lost kit they should speak to a member of the Games Department.
Mr Pickett, Deputy Head Pastoral

Chapel Choir 

Annual Service of Nine Lessons, School Carol Service rehearsal. Timings for the Annual Service of Nine Lessons on Sunday 10th December will be as follows:

4.00pm Choristers arrive for rehearsal in Chapel
5.30pm Choristers provided with a light tea
6.30pm Service begins
7.45pm Approximate finish time

Chapel Choir will be singing at both the Prep and Senior Carol Services on the last day of term at All Saints Church. Instead of their usual Thursday morning rehearsal at School, there will be a rehearsal at the church instead. On Thursday 14th December, we would be grateful if choristers could be dropped off directly at All Saints Church (79 Midland Road, NN8 1LU) from 8.15am, ready for a rehearsal starting at 8.30am prompt. Pupils will be registered at the church. When the services end they will be escorted back to School for pick up.

All other rehearsals in the final week of term will take place as usual at School:

Tuesday 12.10pm - 12.35pm
Wednesday 8.00am - 9.05am

Wellingborough Rotary Music Festival

The Wellingborough Rotary Music Festival will take place at various local schools between 5th and 9th March 2018. Should you wish to make a solo or duet class entry for your child, the prospectus and entry form can be found on the festival website, - click on 'What We Do' and follow the 'Music Festival 2018' link. Here you will find the festival prospectus and an entry form. Completed forms and payment should be submitted directly to the festival organisers. The deadline for entries is Saturday 20th January 2018. Pupils will need to talk with their singing or instrumental teacher to decide on a piece or pieces to be performed within the time limits outlined in the prospectus. It is also necessary to indicate whether the official accompanist is required. Should this be the case, a photocopy or scan of the piano part must be submitted with the entry form and payment. All this information is contained within the prospectus.

Music Lesson Timetables 

To view next week’s timetables of individual lessons, which are also displayed just inside the main entrance to the music department, click here.
Mr Leutfeld, Head of Music

National Qualifiers

On Sunday, 3rd December, our Prep U9A, U10A and U11A rugby teams attended the National Schools’ Midlands qualifying round at Winchester House School. Please see reports below:


The level of the opposition was a step up from most of the teams the boys have played so far this season. Unfortunately, the boys lost all 4 games, but improved as a team with every performance. There were some outstanding individual performances which will be recognised at the Final Assembly next week. The results were as follows:

v The Croft 4-6
v Akeley Wood 1-5
v St Faith’s 2-4
v Quintin House 3-5

The U9 boys have had a really good first season in the Prep School. All the boys in Year 4, not just those that played at the weekend, have made excellent progress and developed both individually and collectively.


Our first match against The Croft couldn’t have started worse as we conceded a try in the first few seconds but, having quickly woken up, the team battled back to secure a comfortable win. Our second game was always going to be difficult against a talented Beachborough side. Drawing 2-2 at the interval, we made a couple of errors which both gifted the opposition scores from long range run ins. Our final game was against a physical Bedford Modern side. A fast start saw us score out wide early on but then some outstanding defence kept them out for several phases of play. Having weathered the storm the team then took control of game and, having gone through many sets of play, we scored again through the middle to seal a 2-0 win. An excellent day all round with the team qualifying for the National Finals Festival next term.
Mr Williams, Head of PE


Tough weather conditions meant that the team had to adapt in their first game against a strong St John’s College team. The team worked their way into the game and managed to go into half time drawing. The second half demonstrated we were the more skillful team with two well worked tries. The first win was under our belt and the confidence grew ready to take on Akeley Wood. Akeley were dominant and littered with strong ball carriers and effective handlers of the ball. Wellingborough conceded a number of quick tries, however we showed a resilient attitude and never gave up until the final whistle. The final game was against a well drilled Croft School. Wellingborough started the game well and defensively kept The Croft at bay. Some individual brilliance from Harry Piercewright saw a try in the corner, closely followed by Charlie Sales try which left numerous Croft players bemused. Although Wellingborough were on the score sheet the final game was five minutes too long and The Croft scored two late tries to seal the game. A thoroughly enjoyable day, as a coach, to see running rugby and a team who is resilient in defence is fantastic. I look forward to building on their performances next term.
Mr Buck

Year 6 Swimming

As the Year 6 girls were coming to the end of their swimming unit they all had a chance to try some basic life guarding and personal safety. Mr Williams, Head of PE

Sports Achievements outside of School 

Etienne Maughan (Y8) recently picked up a number of awards and trophies at the annual Bedford and County Athletics Club Track and Field Awards. This is in recognition of a superb season on the track last summer. The awards Etienne received include: a certificate of excellence for being ranked in the top 8 nationally for U13 girls in the following events; 200m (7th), 150m (4th) and 100m (8th), a trophy for the Most Consistent U13/U15/U17 Female and a plaque for achieving 2 club records, in 75m (10 seconds) and 150 m (19.4 seconds).

Well done Etienne. The staff and pupils at Wellingborough are proud of your achievements. Keep the hard work going and best wishes for next season.


Years 7 & 8 Team Photographs

To order team photographs please click here to be transferred to the parents’ login section of the website. Reminder that the Years 4, 5 & 6 Team photographs have been rescheduled to 12th January.

Sports Events for next week

Monday 11th December
Year 7 & 8 Cross-Country (parents welcome). The first race is at 3.15pm.
There will be no Year 7 & 8 after school rugby or hockey on this date.

Tuesday 12th December
Due to the Charity Film Screening (4.15 – 5.15pm) there will be no Year 5-8 Cross-Country nor Year 4 Rugby and Hockey after school.

Wednesday 13th December
Year 5, 6, 7 & 8 Club Rugby and Hockey (parents welcome.). The first matches start at 2.15pm. All Club sports will be finished by 4.10pm.

Sports Fixtures and Team Sheets

To view details of weekly fixtures and team sheets – please click here
Mr Dean, Head of Sport and PE

Country of the Day

To continually improve location knowledge in the Prep School, here is a daily challenge from 7LW. Your focus for each day is to locate the country on a map! If that is too easy, there are some extension questions too…

Monday 11th December – Costa Rica
Tuesday 12th December – Paraguay
Wednesday 13th December – Niger
Thursday 14th December – Zambia

Challenge questions:
What is the capital city of this country?
What does the flag look like?
How many people live in this country?
What are the most notable features of this country?

Achievements outside of School 

Imogen Humphrey was awarded the Silver Rookie Lifeguard certificate and badge. Certificates were also handed out to pupils who entered the Primary Mathematics Challenge.

Act of Kindness

Acknowledgements go to James Rogers, Charlie Woods, Cameron Charles, Nicole Smerin and Betsy Allen for their acts of kindness.

Calendar Events for w/c: 11th December 2017

Monday 11th December
15:15 16:30 Year 7 & 8 Club Cross Country

Wednesday 13th December
08:15 16:10 Christmas Jumper Day
08:15 09:00 Nearly New Shop (School Uniform)
14:15 16:15 Years 5-8 Inter-Club Rugby and Hockey Matches
16:30 20:30 WPSA Pupils' Disco (No after school activities, Prep as normal)
16:30 20:30 WPSA Christmas Cocktails for Parents

Thursday 14th December
10:45 11:45 Senior School Carol Service at All Saint's Church (Chapel Choir required)
11:45 12:45 Prep School Carol Service at All Saint's Church (Chapel Choir required)
13:00 13:15 Term Ends (No activities or Prep - School buses at 13:15)

Friday 15th December
13:00  Ski Trip departs (return 22nd December)

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