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Reminder Elevate Education - The Parent Seminar
Thursday 11th January - 17:30 – 18:30

Places still available 
If you wish to attend to ensure adequate seating & refreshments are provided. Please email 

All parents want to help their son or daughter to achieve their best at school, but sometimes find it hard not to become the enemy!

Elevate’s 60-minute Parent Seminar is an opportunity for parents to ask questions and discuss the ways that they can help their child to adopt these habits. The parent seminar is run in three main parts: firstly by providing a brief background into who Elevate is and what they do; secondly by covering the key concepts and techniques discussed with the students in the seminars; and finally by looking at the best ways to implement these techniques at home to make sure that the students actually put these skills into practice!

Presented at the school, these seminars are extremely popular with parents who want to know answers to the following:

1. How do I encourage them to motivate themselves, rather than having to nag them!?

2. What do I say when I get the ‘I have no homework’ response?

3. How do the top students approach holiday work and study leave?

4. How can I help them to stay calm and balanced around exams?

5. What work should they be doing to get the most marks? 6. How do the top students approach things like Facebook, studying with music and balancing social lives?

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