Civil Service Talk:


Parent, Claire Bentham, brought Civil Service careers alive today to an interested audience.

It was fascinating from start to finish as we learnt about the “doers “behind the government and the potential to cover so many careers. Whilst there are three main competencies often required - confidence, empowerment and inspiration - it is all about developing transferable skills. You could find yourself working for ministerial departments such as the Secret Service and Diplomatic Offices, or non-ministerial and public bodies and corporations like the BBC.

We left inspired by routes into the Civil Service such as the Fast Track Graduate programme, where you select your core routes, or the Apprenticeship Route and learning about some of the online tests that are often the first round of selection.

A big “thank you” to Claire for this insightful knowledge – it will be fascinating to see how it is used in the short or long term.

If you are able to make a difference to our young people by offering a lunch time talk in your career area – we would always love to hear from you.

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