Another successful selling event at Milton Keynes Trade Fair

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The challenge of Young Enterprise was showcased in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre with over forty companies competing for customers.

Year 10 company Supernova continue to make excellent profit on its BuddE earphone reels, selling over thirty units at this event. Reflecting on their trading experiences to date, they explained:

Over the course of the three trade fairs we have learnt how to sell and interact with the public, learning new social skills and how to manage a business. We have struggled with organising team members at times into specific taskings however we are pleased with the progress we are making and we are confident in expanding our product range, having exceeded over one hundred units sold in less than three months.

The Milton Keynes Mayer in conjunction with ten judges challenged the teams in their discussions and the Lower 6th Unified business felt that they benefitted from these interviews with external professionals. Summarising their journey so far over the last three months the Managing Director Cooper McAuley explains:

We began brainstorming and came up with a concept of a car game for children as this is something that we believe had not been developed as much as products such as iPads. We believe there is a gap in the market for products like this as it is hard for children in the current generation to increase their kinaesthetic learning and develop their fine motor skills, many children are currently playing electronic games and watching videos on iPads or phones. 

We have developed an educational game by deciding to have letters and numbers within the pack in order to spell out words and do mathematical sums. Within this pack we also included an insert with suggestions of words to spell and sums to work out as well as a short game that describes something, the child then has to spell out what it is, for example, ‘ what has 4 legs and meows?’. As Christmas was approaching fast last term we produced a Christmas Edition pack. These sold extremely well at our past two trade fairs in Northampton and Wellingborough. Our most recent product is a game pack, which includes a game of noughts and crosses that comes with a grid as-well as five noughts and five crosses. A pack of letters is also included in this pack and the concept of spelling out words is carried through the range. Again an insert was included of instructions on how to play the game and suggestions of words to spell. These proved very popular at the trade fair in Milton Keynes. 

To make all of our products, we use recycled cardboard for the board of our products. This was packaging from a parent’s company that was going to be thrown out. We then use synthetic felt to cover the board as well as create all of the letters and other games that we cut out. We do this all using our laser cutter in the DT department. We had to trial and error the speed and power of the laser in order to get the right number so the felt did not singe or burn. We then made our inserts from scratch using PowerPoint, these were made by our marketing team which have been complimented at the different trade fairs by the judges as looking very professional. 

We are very grateful for allowing us to have this amazing opportunity to create this product and obtain many new skills, whilst working within a company, that we can continue to use for the rest of our lives. 

Au Naturel another Year 10 company have received multiple orders for personalised products around the period table theme and were complemented by every judge on the uniqueness and quality of the products.

Selling to the public is always difficult.  Pupils have come out of their comfort zones and are dealing with a variety of stakeholders. It is commendable to see such development and growth in every team member representing themselves and Wellingborough School. Once again it has been terrific to see the parental and family support through the weekend’s activities. The cumulative effect of this support and feedback to the teams has helped them to continue to grow, face their setbacks and perform to a high standard. Again, they should be proud of how they demonstrated their maturity and business acumen, learning and demonstrating strong knowledge, skills and positive attitude. All company members are currently working hard on their interim company reports which give them an opportunity to summarise their progress to date, including financials, and these will be submitted to the Young Enterprise Board in March. Parents are invited to the presentation evening, that is being held for the very first time, at Wellingborough School on Tuesday 20th March 2018.

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