Year 5 pupils visit to Kew Gardens

Prep Trips & Visits

On Tuesday 6th February 2018 Year 5 pupils visited Kew Gardens as part of their Geography curriculum on Climate Zones and Ecosystems. 

Students experienced a guided tour of the Palm House, replicating a Tropical Rainforest environment. They were able to learn about the types of plants and how they are adapted to life in the rainforest. They were able to think about the importance of this ecosystem for us all and why it is important to conserve it (including the variety of ‘things’ it gives us, from food to medicine). Thankfully, the weather was fine and dry (albeit VERY cold).  

In addition to the guided tour, students visited a range of different climate zones, to experience different plants in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Students were also able to explore ‘The Hive’ – an art installation, designed to celebrate the importance of bees in our environment.

Students behaved extremely well and were able to enjoy themselves and learn about different ecosystems and climate zones, to support their Year 5 Geography learning!

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