Headmaster's Blog - 1st March 2018

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Schools are busy places and, with so much going on, it is easy to lose sight of our core aim, that of educating children.

This week I was delighted to bring together four of our pupils who will, from September, be Academic, Art or Drama Scholars in Year 9. Other pupils, not yet at Wellingborough, will also be Scholars in the new academic year. They all went through a rigorous process in January, culminating in an interview with me, and they are thoroughly deserving of their success and of our recognition.

I have written before that achievement and aspiration should be celebrated. The pupils themselves should be proud of being made Scholars, and proud of the effort that has enabled them to be successful. As a School community, we should all feel proud to be part of an institution in which success is not a dirty word, and in which we are able to celebrate the achievements of others. All of the pupils at Wellingborough School have tremendous talents which can be shouted about and for which we should feel able to congratulate them.

Hopefully, highlighting this sort of success will help to strengthen a culture of aspiration at the School and to promote high expectations amongst pupils, staff and parents.

Well done, Scholars!

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