Wondrous World Book Day

Prep Events

Nothing stops our intrepid parents and pupils from having fun; they braved the blizzards, and there was another astonishing turnout of inventive costumes of both books and characters for our annual parade. 

The detail was terrific, and the staff loved the increased number of homemade creations. We had a load of Wallys (including staff), Things and Cats in Their Hats, a plethora of Gangster Grannies, Harry Potter characters (both good and evil), alongside nursery rhymes. Mature reading contrasted amusingly with children’s books: ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Bleak House’ met the Fat Controller, Pinocchio and ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. Make-up was super (Flora Baxter as ‘The Corpse Bride’), and humour was rife (Henry Wills as a particularly narcissistic Donald Trump). Zara Reeves and Charlotte Williams were great ‘Demon Dinner Ladies’. Who to choose?

Congratulations to everyone, but we can only select a few: Year 4, Sid Poole as Flat Stanley; Year 5 Isobel Taylor (a Tom Gates novel with a highly entertaining blurb); Year 6, Imogen Plater as Mary (‘The Secret Garden’); Year 7, Thomas Ross and Thomas Hilton as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee; and, Year 8, Thomas Holman as Samwise Gamgee. The Mixed Group went to ‘Snow White’ and Junior Group to the Year 6 boys’ ‘Wind in the Willows’. The Seniors were wonderful, particularly ‘The Bible’ and Goldilocks groups; however, the runaway Senior Winners (and Overall Winners) were the Year 7 collection of Dictionaries of Europe - utterly stupendous!

In English sets, we also had fun playing 'The Book Game' in which pupils made cards giving the first and final sentences of their reading books; they then had to guess the titles. Congratulations to Alex Goodwin, Ally Moffat and Hattie Brindley who managed to identify 10 each! 


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