The Arts

Pre-Prep (Ages 4-8)
Pre-Prep (Ages 4-8)

While at the Pre-Prep, pupils have opportunities to be actively involved with each of the arts as part of their development into well-rounded individuals. The School offers activity in music, drama and art as part of the curriculum.

Drama is a key part of the Wellingborough Pre-Preparatory School experience. Each year group holds an annual play, delivered to parents and peers, which involves singing, dancing and acting. The play is selected each year and will then be rehearsed by pupils, culminating in two or more performances to an audience. Nursery performs the Nativity at the end of the Michaelmas term, with plays taking place for Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 later on during the year.

Pupils are also offered a variety of opportunities in music. Organised music lessons take place during the school day, and there are also options for individual lessons and music clubs. Children have the opportunity to play instruments such as the recorder, piano and violin, as well as take up singing lessons. These music lessons lead to a number of performances over the school year, including the Pre-Prep Spring Concert and Fiddle Fiesta in June.

Finally, art is also one of our key subjects, and we believe it is key to give pupils the opportunity to be creative. Each term, children will work towards a themed art project. Pupils have access to a designated art room, and their work will often be displayed at Open Events or around the school to be admired.


Pre-Prep (Ages 4-8)