GCSE Exam Results

Senior (Ages 13-16)

Preparing and supporting our pupils for their public examinations is central to the Wellingborough School ethos.  Our Year 11 pupils usually sit 10 GCSEs, a combination of seven core and three optional subjects.  The majority of our core subjects are International GCSEs, which we believe gives our pupils an advantage when studying the same subjects at A level.

Pupils have regular assessment points through the academic year and a formal end of year exam at the end of Year 9 and 10 which is conducted in our Senior Hall. In our experience the pupils benefit from this formal setting and then find the final public examinations slightly less daunting.

Working closely with the Head of the Pupil Development Centre, the Exams Officer can support pupils with exam entitlements such as extra time and use of a laptop.  Enquiries about these provisions should be directed to the Pupil Development Centre in the first instance and certainly before commissioning any assessment by an external assessor.

GCSE Examinations201720182019
% A* (9-8)25.230.334.2
% A* - A (9-7)44.950.949.7
% A* - B (9-6)67.072.363.8
% A* - C (9-4)86.993.692.6 

I/GCSE Subject Analysis 2019

Senior (Ages 13-16)