Senior School - All Years£15,990£5,330
Preparatory School - Years 7 & 8£15.255£5,085
Preparatory School - Years 4, 5 & 6£14,610£4,870
Pre-Preparatory School - Years 2 & 3£9,825£3,275
Pre-Preparatory School - Nursery, Reception* & Year 1£9,420£3,140

The Wraparound Annual Fees listed above are inclusive of an annual £765 allowance for School Lunches** throughout the year and a £500 contribution (Senior School and Preparatory School)/£300 contribution (Pre-Preparatory School) towards the provision by the School of items previously invoiced in arrears as ‘extras’.

Registration Fee (non-refundable) £75

Deposit £500

New sibling discounts

Third Child 10% (Discount on the termly bill of the youngest child)

Fourth Child 25%*** (Discount on the termly bill of the youngest child)

*Wellingborough School participates in the Local Education Authority Early Years Funding for 3–4 year olds.

**Taken in School Dining Hall or packed lunches as required for trips and other out-of-School activities.

***And to additional Children thereafter. 

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