Term Dates


Trinity Term 2024Dates
Term BeginsMonday 22nd April
Bank HolidayMonday 6th May
Term EndsThursday 23rd May 16:10
InsetFriday 24th May
Half TermSaturday 25th May to Sunday 2nd June
Bank HolidayMonday 27th May
Term BeginsMonday 3rd June
Term EndsFriday 12th July (Prep 12:00, Senior 12:30)
Michaelmas Term 2024Dates
InsetTuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th September
Term BeginsThursday 5th September
Term EndsFriday 18th October 16:10
Half TermSaturday 19th October to Sunday 3rd November
Term BeginsMonday 4th November
Term EndsFriday 13th December (Prep 12:00, Senior 12:30)
Lent Term 2025Dates
InsetMonday 6th January
Term BeginsTuesday 7th January
Term Ends Friday 14th February 16:10
Half Term Saturday 15th February to Sunday 23rd February
Term BeginsMonday 24th February
Term EndsFriday 4th April (Prep 12:00, Senior 12:30)
Trinity Term 2025Dates
Term BeginsMonday 28th April
Term EndsThursday 22nd May 16:10
InsetFriday 23rd May
Half TermSaturday 24th May to Sunday 1st June
Term BeginsMonday 2nd June
Term EndsFriday 11th July (Prep 12:00, Senior 12:30)
Michaelmas Term 2025Dates
InsetTuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd September
Term BeginsThursday 4th September
Term EndsFriday 17th October (Prep 16:10, Senior 16:10)
Half TermSaturday 18th October to Sunday 2nd November
Term BeginsMonday 3rd November
Term EndsFriday 12th December (Prep 12:00, Snr 12:30)
Lent Term 2026Dates
InsetMonday 5th January
Term BeginsTuesday 6th January
Term EndsFriday 13th February (Prep 16:10, Senior 16:10)
Half TermSaturday 14th February to Sunday 22nd February
Term BeginsMonday 23rd February
Term EndsFriday 27th March (Prep 12:00, Snr 12:30)
Trinity Term 2026Dates
Term BeginsMonday 20th April
Bank HolidayMonday 4th May
Term EndsThursday 21st May (Prep 16:10, Senior 16:10)
InsetFriday 22nd May
Half TermSaturday 23rd May to Sunday 31st May
Term BeginsMonday 1st June
Term EndsFriday 10th July (Prep 12:00, Snr 12:30)