Life at Wellingborough

Children fulfil their potential when they are happy and confident and we look to promote this ethos in every day school life through our club system, close pastoral care and wellbeing services.

Pastoral Care Life at Wellingborough

We pride ourselves on providing a warm and friendly atmosphere for both our pupils and parents.  We have well-understood rules for behaviour, and a supportive personal and social development programme, using Golden Rules in the Lower Prep and the Clubcard in the Upper Prep to help the children understand what is needed to develop, and contribute to, a caring community.

Club System

Pupils in Year 1 to Year 6 are assigned to one of six Clubs; Bears, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers, Tigers or Wolves. The vertical structure of the Club system means that pupils of all ages integrate with one another and older pupils can share their experiences and help and support our younger pupils. Each Club has a Club Captain but many pupils will take the lead in a number of activities as we are keen to encourage initiative and a sense of responsibility.


The School has a Wellbeing Team and counselling service, which are designed to complement the strengths of the pastoral system, provide an opportunity for pupils to address their concerns in a calm and neutral environment. We place wellbeing at the heart of our school, providing excellent mental health support, understanding and intervention. The award-winning Wellbeing Team offers guidance and support to pupils and their families. They recognise that change is difficult and work with the wider pastoral team to gain an in-depth understanding, to ensure every pupil feels supported as they integrate and transition into or up through the School. All pupils have a weekly Life Skills lesson which helps pupils to learn about themselves and nurtures their emotional intelligence, a critical skill in career and education success.

Pupils’ of all ages display excellent moral sensibilities. In the EYFS, children play happily together, sharing resources and understanding the importance of not encroaching on others’ learning activities.

ISI Inspection, March 2022