Historically Wellingborough has welcomed pupils of ability and potential and the scholarship and bursary programme has enabled support for those requiring financial support. The School attracts boys and girls from a large catchment area covering the whole of Northamptonshire and into Bedfordshire and Leicestershire. The main entry points are Nursery, Year 4 (the first year of the Prep School), Year 7 (aged 11), Year 9 (the first year of the Senior School) and Lower Sixth (the first year of Sixth Form) but we are pleased to consider applications at all stages.

The School aims for prospective parents and pupils to understand what they would be committing to and what our expectations are with our balanced mix of academics and co-curricular involvement and fun. The education will be standards-driven and there are levels below which pupils will not be allowed to fall. As well as ensuring an academic minimum standard, character, attitude and commitment are the critical qualities in our assessment of both potential and current pupils of all ages.

It is essential that pupils and their families appreciate fully that the blend of academic and co-curricular education which we provide goes far beyond the confines of a standard Monday - Friday programme. We are unashamedly striving to raise further our academic standards whilst retaining our holistic philosophy.

The only way in which one can appreciate fully the spirit and soul of the School is to visit us and above all else see our young people at work and play because they are our finest ambassadors.


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