Wellingborough School pupils celebrate GCSE success

News 26.08.2022 Whole School

Wellingborough School pupils celebrate GCSE success

Our pupils collected results today after a tumultuous two years of study, and they were not disappointed by the outcomes. 54% of results were at Grade 7 or above – A or above in old money – and 98% at Grade 4 or above (C or above in the previous system).

There were many individual successes, with 8 of our 86 pupils having a Grade 9 as their most common result, and 15 pupils making at least 2 grades of progress against their year 9 predictions.

Headmaster Andrew Holman congratulated the pupils on how well they had performed, saying,

“The sudden change of weather could not dampen the spirits this morning, and there was so much delight as pupils received their results. In what has been the most extraordinary two years for many generations, these pupils have faced down so many challenges whilst also maintaining busy lives both at School and home. The support of their staff and their parents has ensured that they are now able to celebrate such high levels of achievement.

Thoughts quickly turn to A Levels. Our Year 12 students have been well prepared for the rigours of what lies ahead, and they will be joined by newcomers who will be equally keen to set the tone by demonstrating commitment and passion for their chosen subjects. These students will be able to benefit from the new Sixth Form Centre in just a few weeks’ time, whilst also providing leadership for our younger pupils and looking ahead to their post-school aspirations.”



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