A Busy First Week Back!

News 26.04.2024 Whole School


Well done to everyone for completing a very busy first week back in Prep School! The six new pupils who have joined us this term have settled in well and will soon feel as if they have been here for ages.

We began the week with a thought-provoking assembly from Mr Pancutt and the Outdoor Rangers on Earth Day. They really made us think about what we can do to reduce plastic pollution and make a difference to the health of our planet. Later in the day, Mrs Whitaker hosted members of the local Eco-Community Hub who were impressed to see all that we are doing as a school and our Eco-Warriors team in particular.

We have already had our first trip of the term, with Year 4 pupils visiting Sacrewell Farm as their IPC

 Entry Point for their ‘What’s on the Menu?’ topic. They learnt a lot about making flour and butter, the processes involved and how our food gets from ‘Field to Fork’. Fortunately, the rain held off for them too!

All year round, but this term especially, we try to do as much outdoor learning as we can. This morning’s Year 3 Maths was taken outside where they were creating tally charts and then bar graphs from colours in nature. This afternoon, Reception are in the Outdoor Learning Area, making the most of the current sunshine with activities arranged by Mr Pancutt.

On Thursday 9th May, we are holding an Early Years Outdoor Activities morning for children up to the age of 4 who do not currently attend Wellingborough. If your children have younger siblings not yet in school and you would like to bring them to the session, or you have friends who may be interested in coming with their children, please do book a place here.

Katherine Owen, Head of Prep

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