Cripps’ Overnight Row For Alzheimer’s Research UK

News 09.05.2024 Whole School



A massive congratulations to the Cripps’ boys who took part in the Overnight Row last Friday and Saturday. As a team the boys rowed continuously from 6.30pm on Friday until 6.30am on Saturday morning. In total they rowed 195,000m, which is the equivalent of rowing from Wellingborough to Harrogate in North Yorkshire. An incredible achievement. I couldn’t have been more proud of the pupils involved.


This is the major fundraising event for House. As in previous years, we are raising funds for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Thus far we have received donations in excess of £2600 – many thanks to those who  have been so generous.


A special thanks to the staff who supported with the event, your time is greatly appreciated. But most importantly thanks to the boys. Just wow. In particular those in Year 11 and Year 13 who have exams looming large on the horizon. Your commitment to this event was simply stunning!!

Jonathan Dean, Housemaster of Cripps’

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