End of Trinity Term Highlights

News 17.08.2022 Whole School

Our end of term highlights!

Sixth Form Centre Update

We are looking forward to the Sixth Form Centre opening and got to have a sneak peak at the progress being made inside. We went on a guided tour with the site manager who is also an OW. We are impressed at the size of the SFC and the views you can just about see beyond the scaffolding through the window-panes which have just been installed. It is going to be an amazing space for students, we cannot wait!

End of Exams

The first year of ‘normal’ examinations since the pandemic is over! The Senior School deserve congratulations for their hard work and efforts during a very warm exam period. We wish all of our students and their families a restful and enjoyable summer where they can explore their interests, refresh and reset before facing the challenges of the new academic year in September.

Work Experience

Students often find opportunities to experience the practical side of what they are studying at School. One of our Year 10 Photographers recently had a day on a shoot for a shoe brand.

Summer Art

OW Sports

We invited back some OWs for the annual hockey and cricket match against the School 1st XI. For the cricket the OW XI were triumphant and for the hockey the OWs won with a 3-1 final score. With celebrations after at the postmatch BBQ it was a great afternoon of sports. Thank you to the OWs who travelled to support their team and we look forward to welcoming even more OWs back for these fixtures again next summer!


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