Owls’ Chick Project

News 20.05.2024 Whole School

Last week in Owls the day finally arrived when all the chicks had hatched, and we were allowed to hold them. The excitement was palpable as we all took turns to sit down and hold the chicks. We were amazed at how fluffy and warm they were but also how wriggly they were as well. It was a fine line between holding them, so they didn’t jump away but also making sure we didn’t squeeze them too hard! The children were so pleased when the chicks finally fell asleep whilst they were holding them.

Since we first held them, we have been amazed at how they have grown. We have had to extend the brood box with a run and the children have taken great delight in decorating it so the chicks can enjoy their surroundings and look at the pictures we have made for them.  The chicks are now getting proper feathers and are starting to behave with slightly more gumption and confidence! We have had to break up fights over a small leaf that had got into the enclosure, sort out incredibly untidy bedrooms and try and stop an escapee who was determined to jump the fence.

The chicks will now be rehomed at farms across the area, and I know they will have so much more room to spread their wings and peck and play. However, Owls will miss their cheeping throughout the day and all the lovely visitors we have received over the last two weeks.

Thank you to the WPSA for enabling this to happen.

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