Time Capsule Project

News 26.04.2024 Whole School


As part of Project Copernicus and the planned building works on site, the Senior School Council has created a time capsule with items designed to offer a snapshot of Wellingborough School at the beginning of the 2020s.

The House system and Co-Curricular activities were chosen as the things that summarise the core values of the school and make Wellingborough School unique. Items such as House and Colours (sport and music) ties and badges have been selected.

Pupils also wanted to commemorate the dedication of our staff, who commit so much of their time and energy to improving the school, by including a staff lanyard. Some members of the Student Council, from the junior, inter and senior sections of the school, wrote accounts of their time at Wellingborough, which demonstrate the vast array of individual student experiences. Finally, photos and videos of favourite events and trips of the last few years have been included, as well as a Covid test as it seemed important to recognise this pivotal moment of our recent history.

Thank you so much to the whole Student Council for their hard work in condensing ideas, especially I. Baxby (8NE), E. Davidson (10WY) and H. Walker (12GA) who wrote letters, to the staff who helped source the items and to Mr Benest, Director of Co-Curricular and Mrs Howell, School Project Manager, who put in the behind the scenes work to enable the capsule to be realised.

C. Woodhead, 12NE

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