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News 25.06.2020 Whole School

Empneo came third overall in the Young Enterprise Company of the year competition. This is out of a field of over seven hundred schools, over one thousand companies, over thirteen thousand students and they were the youngest as the only Year 10 competing company. To get to the National Final they won the Area Final, the County Final and the Regional final throughout the year. Out of the four awards available on the night Empneo won the award for the Most Digitally Resilient Company in the UK, demonstrating how they adapted their business when the country went into lockdown and sold hundreds of further products.

We created a book to talk about the ‘superheroes of our generation’; this was based on the increasing impact young people are having on important global issues and will hopefully inspire others. The book was written and illustrated by members of our team. We’re proud to donate 10% of our profits to the Malala Fund – one of the character’s charities in our book. Please watch our YouTube presentation below which we submitted to the judges as per their requirements due to there being no stage final this year.

Team Empneo

It feels incredible to have won the Most Digitally Resilient Company in the UK award that was made for students who have had to adapt and present themselves online. The experience has been amazing and we have learnt so many skills that we can use in later life during this process and have worked exceptionally well as a team. This impacts our future in different aspects such as aspiring and reaching goals, we have learnt about the significance of sustainability and being environmentally friendly and coping with whatever life throws your way.

The team and I are also elated to have received the second runner up prize for Company of the Year. I have learnt so much during this process, it hasn’t been easy but we have rose up to the challenge. The team have learnt how to manage finances, improve our public speaking skills, marketing skills and working as a team. This achievement will impact our future in huge ways as it has given us an insight into the world of business.

Soma, Empneo Managing Director

A truly inspirational, mature and committed group I am personally overwhelmed with the hard work that they have shown. As in all businesses and teams the year has had its ups and downs and it has been challenging at times, but overall they have passed the test of resilience in a difficult climate and they should be very proud reaching further than any other Wellingborough School Company before them.

Gemma Scott, Young Enterprise Coordinator

This opportunity would not have been possible without our Adviser Paul Adams form Towergate Insurance as well as Chancery Dental and Griffiths Hearing Limited.

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