425th Anniversary Appeal for the New Sixth Form Centre

News 13.03.2020 Whole School

This year marks the School’s 425th anniversary. To celebrate this, the Foundation Office is launching our largest fundraising campaign in more than 30 years – for the new Sixth Form Centre.

The project is likely to cost around £1.5 million, and the School aims to fund this through a combination of borrowing, the utilisation of designated funds, and raising £425,000 towards the target from current parents, Old Wellingburians and well-wishers. More than 600 letters are being posted out to all current parents this week, inviting families to help in the simplest way possible, by pledging to waive the return of each child’s deposit as and when they leave the School.

In return for each deposit pledged, each child will have the opportunity for their name to appear on The Wall of Donors in the new Centre. The deposit for children entering the school on or before August 2018 was £300; since September 2018, the deposit has been £500.

This type of fundraising has worked well in other schools. The Parents’ Associations in the Senior School and the Prep School support the idea, and Mr Holman and Mrs Owen are leading by example.

All parents and staff are invited to the Sixth Form Centre Launch Party on Tuesday 23rd April, where there will be an opportunity to hear more about the Centre and our fundraising campaign.

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Neil Lyon, Foundation Director

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