Owls Visit Cambridge Botanical Gardens

News 17.06.2024 Whole School

Last Friday Owls set off in high excitement for Cambridge Botanical Gardens.  We were also going with Hedgehogs and Kingfishers which made it even more of an adventure. We arrived ready to have a lovely day looking at plants and how they have adapted to different habitats.

We had a brilliant introduction with an aerial look at the gardens. Then Owls, Hedgehogs and Kingfishers set off to explore! We were each given a collecting bag that we could use to pick up our own natural treasures. We saw enormous pine trees which had such a variation in pinecones, had a photograph taken by a beautiful fountain and then walked further into the garden.


We found a fen and to our great delight we saw newts swimming in the water. Then we saw an amazing dry garden which does not get any other water than raindrops – this year it is looking very healthy! After a quick lunch outside we had an amazing session looking at carnivorous plants including Pitcher plants, Venus Flytraps and Sundew plants. It was amazing to see the different ways the plants catch their prey!


Finally, it was our turn to see the glasshouses. What a treat – we went from deserts to rainforests then onto mountains all in one glasshouse! We saw amazing desert cacti, alpine plants, some of which were over 100 years old. The children were amazed by the truly magnificent tropical plants including orchids.

What a great day – not surprisingly it was very quiet on the coach returning home! Watch this space next week to find out all about Owls’ visit to Warwick Castle.

Mrs Girling, Head of Lower Prep

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