Culture Day – Friday 24th March 2023

News 06.04.2023 Whole School

Our much-anticipated Culture Day took place at the end of March, celebrating and promoting diversity across the school. Students worked tirelessly to ensure the day ran smoothly, and with help from our fantastic parent volunteers and dedicated staff, Culture Day 2023 was even bigger and better than last year.

A packed schedule of events took place throughout the day. Highlights included an Indian music performance by Mrs. Thakrar on saxophone, a Bollywood dance showcase by the very talented Siyona in Year 6, our Diversity Fashion Show with students from Years 2–13, wearing traditional costumes to represent their heritage or nationality, and in Lower Prep, a Bollywood Dance Workshop that had everyone up on their feet!

Our Senior School Hall was filled with stalls where pupils and staff were able to participate in a range of activities from sign language, global arts, crafts and board games, learning how to tie a sari, and having a henna tattoo, to the very popular sampling of food and drink from across the world including Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai, African, American, Japanese, British, French, Polish and many more.

The day provided many opportunities for learning about the cultures and countries our students come from and created lots of positive discussions. Trying to identify the many countries our students represent and find them on a map was a challenge with the number of different nationalities running to over 30!

A massive thank-you must go to the students, Mrs Pehlay and all the staff and parents who help make events like this not only possible, but  hugely enjoyable.

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