Year 8 Trip To Ironbridge

News 17.06.2024 Whole School

Ironbridge ‘Valley of Invention‘ is a great educational visit and Year 8 really got into the spirit of it. We started the day with a talk on why that gorge became the first place in the world to smelt iron as the necessary resources of iron ore; charcoal; limestone; clay and an entrepreneur coalesced there. We then had a tour of the blast furnace, which dated back to 1638 – pre English Civil War which was rather mind blowing. The afternoon was spent in the Victorian replica town of Blists Hill, where costumed workers run authentic shops, a blacksmith forge and fairground rides etc. Year 8 were brilliant all day and came home with their own dipped candle.

On the Ironbridge trip, I enjoyed learning and finding out new facts about the purpose of the buildings and what they were used for in Victorian times. The trip was very fun and informative, since Victorians were a topic that I didn’t really know all too much about, and the experience of the trip helped with that. Tyler Rickett-Browne

Our trip to Ironbridge was one of the best trips yet. The replica Victorian town was so realistic and immersive, it felt like you went back in time! The massive blast furnace and how it works was so interesting to learn about. I’d definitely go again! Poppy Kerly 

I really enjoyed the Ironbridge trip as we were in a Victorian town, and we went on the fair ground rides and some of the boys bought flat caps. Ben Haines 

I really enjoyed the trip because it was fun to enjoy the grounds of the Victorian village and it was a very fun filled day with friends learning about the past! Edie-Mae Harris 

The Ironbridge trip helped expand my perception about the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era with the replica town and the iron bridge. Chris Ng 

Jane Selby, Head of History

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