Ways to Give

There are numerous ways of giving to the School. As we are a registered charity, there are ways of doing so in a tax-efficient manner. The information given below is only intended as a general guide. Donors may wish to discuss their particular case with their adviser, particularly where substantial sums are involved.

Leaving a Legacy in your Will

There are great tax advantages in leaving a legacy to a registered charity like us. And a legacy is a significant way of ensuring your wishes are fulfilled and your name is remembered by future generations of Wellingburians. Some may wish to specify an exact amount of money to be gifted to the School. To avoid inflation eating away at the amount, a favoured option would be to leave a specific percentage of your estate – say 1% – to the School.

Gifts of shares and securities

Individuals and companies who give certain shares and securities to charity can obtain considerable savings on income tax and capital gains tax. Currently, this means that shares donated to Wellingborough School attract income tax relief of 100% of their present market value. Donors will be able to claim tax relief on their highest rate of tax, via their Self-Assessment for, or Corporation Tax return. In addition, the donated shares will not incur any capital gains liability.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving provides tax relief at source for donors who give to Wellingborough School by direct deduction from their pay. The employer must be registered with an Inland Revenue approved Payroll Giving agency. Donors interested in the scheme should first consult their employer who will have full details.

Company giving

Companies can make one-off donations to Wellingborough School or spread the amount over a period of time. Donations are paid to the School as a gross sum and the company claims tax relief against their corporation tax.

Gifts of land and property

If individuals give land or property, or sell either to Wellingborough School for less than the market value, they can claim Income Tax relief and lower their tax bill, as well as getting Capital Gains Tax relief.

Gifts from UK Residents and UK Taxpayers

We can increase the value of your gift if you are a UK Taxpayer through the Gift Aid Scheme. This currently allows us to claim 25% of the value of your gift from the Inland Revenue. Please complete the Gift Aid Form below accompanied by a cheque or donating online.

Please use the links below to complete a Gift Aid Form, Bursary Funding Form, Standing Order Form or donate online.

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